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McIntosh Refuge

It seems every Sunday when I lead my bird walk at the McIntosh Refuge in Bristol I come up with a few new birds for the sanctuary. Today was no exception. An Orange-crowned Warbler showed very briefly in some bright red sumac at the edge of the meadow. Swamp Sparrows were incredibly numerous as they have been for the past couple of weeks. Two Purple Finches showed themselves from afar perched on the top of tree. Their chunky build and striped heads were obvious even from the distance. And finally, a Field Sparrow gave us a great view when it responded to pishing in the meadow.

Last weekends big surprise was a Clay-colored Sparrow out at Jacobs Point just by the water, hanging out near a Brown Thrasher.

Check out the data I've compiled for the refuge, I find it very interesting. There are a few options to choose from when you view the species lists:

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