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Evan Lipton at Mt Hope Farm

Welcome to Avian Obsession, my name is Evan Lipton.

I’m a birder, illustrator, graphic designer, photographer, and seasonal field biologist.

After gaining an interest in feeder birds in my backyard near Boston at the age of sixteen, I began studying my first field guide nearly every day. The Black-and-white Warbler stood out as a bird of unusual beauty, and it was hardly two days later that I looked out the window to see a stunning male in the red maple in the yard. This lit the spark in my birding passion, and began my interest in finding

unusual birds in usual places.


Along with reveling in the sheer joy and scientific discovery of birds and

the natural world, I’m known to occasionally obsess over county listing.

When I’m not inside illustrating or drawing up various logos, you can

find me outside exploring the nooks and crannies of a milkweed

and scanning the forest canopy or distant shoreline with binoculars. 

My photography is available for licensing, and I’m open for

illustration or logo commissions, check out the rest of my site

to see some of my work.

Evan Lipton with Saltmarsh Sparrow
Cedar Waxwings


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